Gold Wing Road Riders Association
Chapter A
McDonough, Georgia

Meet Our Couple of the Year for 2020
Michael Tant & Susan Scott

Michael & Susan’s Story

Michael joined Chapter A in October of 2016 as a way to ride with a group and meet new friends, after his wife passed away.

We were introduced by a mutual friend through Facebook about three years ago.  The really funny thing is, being in the same industry we had spoken over the phone for 20 years but had never met.

In February 2018, he had posted something about motorcycle awareness and safety.  With me having several family members who ride, this caught my attention.  I wrote a reply to his post and this started a conversation on Facebook.  One thing led to another and he offered to take me riding.  Having dated a biker 25 years ago the idea was very appealing and I replied "Don't tease me", that single phrase intrigued Michael.  After thinking it over for 2 months, he called to make a lunch date so we could officially meet in person.  That lunch lasted 2 hours and we clicked immediately.

I needed to move to McDonough to be closer to family.  Michael assisted me with apartment hunting.  My condo sold in one day and I had four weeks to move.  So, I was in panic mode.  Michael offered to let me rent his dad's house, which was next door to his, and he would help with maintenance. This was an answer to prayers.  I didn't fully understand at that time that Michael came with the house too. (LOL)

Naturally, he kept his promise and took me on a motorcycle ride.  He told me about Chapter A and invited me to a meeting.  I was immediately impressed with the camaraderie of the members and how welcome they made me feel.

I asked Michael if I could join too since I didn't own and do not know how to operate a motorcycle.  He had already paid my membership dues so I became an official Chapter A family member in October of 2018.

We try to make as many rides, gatherings and meetings as we can but have not attended any rallies.  We do enjoy hearing the stories of these events from other members and it is obvious everyone always has a story to tell.

We were both shocked and honored to be chosen as the Couple of the Year and will be proud to represent Chapter A.

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